A country's strength lies in the ability to draw on its prolific tradition, craftsmanship, culture & heritage. Both Italy & India enable us to use luxury as an art form to reflect all that is truly unique.
As we celebrate the seventy years of Indo-Italian relationship, we stand on the cusp of furthering our ties through innovation & transformation.
The Symposium is our effort to jointly achieve unprecedented economic growth promoting the various traditional art forms that reflects all that is truly authentic in both our countries.

H.E. Mr Lorenzo Angeloni, Ambassador of Italy to India

Italy is proud to be the Partner Country at the "Luxury Symposium 2018". Italy and lndia share a tradition of exquisite craftsmanship, fine gastronomy, precious jewelry, harmonious interiors, caring attention to the tiniest detail and sophisticated taste.
The Luxury Symposium is the ideal platform to start building on our commonalities and complementarities, generating positive spill-over effects as well as to discovering how luxury and excellence could be interpreted and combined in new, unexpected ways.

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