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The Luxury League

The Luxury League Is

  • A Global Foundation established to promote the concept of luxury and to create an environment conducive to creative thinking.
  • A Not-For-Profit Foundation of prominent Luxury brands, world wide. 
  • A body that aims at strengthening the influence of India in the Global Luxury industry.
  • A dynamic group relying on dialogue and exchange, solidarity and mutual assistance, developing a winning attitude to conquer new spheres of influence,exposure and markets.
  • A League that epitomises the spirit of global creativity, perpetuates traditional artisanal skills and subtly sustains the element of fantasy that Indian luxury has always inspired.

"My desire is to open the Indian doors to luxury brands from various countries and to strengthen the voice of India abroad – the idea is to create an increased pool of knowledge and competence. It is the alliance of tradition and modernity, expertise and creativity, history and innovation. Indian luxury is the envy of the world ; it owes its success to an admirable pool of talent. This talent is our treasure that we need to nurture & protect"

-Founder Ritu Beri

The Luxury League

The Structure

The Luxury League represents a tremendously diverse group of global luxury brands and talented craftsmen. It is a global ambassador for indian culture and identity. Symbolising also the world acclaimed indian art forms of fine living.

Categories of craftsmanship and art :

Haute couture & Textiles | Perfumes | Jewellery & Watches | Homeware & Architecture | Hotel, Gastronomy & Spas | Wines, Champagne & Cognacs | Publishing | Graphic Design & Interactions | Decorative Arts | Automobiles Accessories & Leather Goods


The Luxury League has a membership of varied global luxury houses. Some created centuries ago, others more recently. They all share the values of The Luxury League

The members are co-opted - and vote annually to co-opt each other - on the basis of the following main criterias :

  • International ambition
  • Strong cultural identity
  • High quality standards
  • Creativity
  • Imagination
  • Ethical conduct
Associate Members

The Luxury League also has associate members that represent India and share the same values and concerns. They also include major cultural institutions and companies. Together they work to enhance the image of India.

The Luxury League

A Heritage of Knowledge

All the arts/crafts that are represented by The Luxury League have a fine balance between historic legacy and modernity, thus creating the perfect representation of luxury. One of the missions of The Luxury League is to make the world aware of the wealth of knowledge contained within the workshops of companies as well as create career opportunities for the youth of India, besides supporting & promoting creation. The Luxury League also provides support in specific areas like training for employment.

To achieve this purpose The Luxury League supports many projects –            

  • In-depth ground work is done at regional levels, targeting students. The Luxury League works with schools and educational authorities, vocational schools, technical and specialized schools, etc and holds regular information sessions and events to understand the market & it's management; to improve the technical know how and create possible career options.
  • Aims at enhancing the media image of handicrafts, by organizing tours of workshops for foreign and indian journalists. The endeavor is to extend the influence of Indian craftsmen beyond just National borders.
  • The Luxury League requests the State to grant greater honor and awards to artisans, hence gets them more recognition

"The Luxury Industry, is an excellent vehicle to enhance the Image of India.
  • It conveys the identity of India & its culture.
  • It conveys the image of the modern Indian style.

The Luxury League

Goal and Mission

The main goal of The Luxury League is to promote dynamism, creativity and innovation in the luxury industry. It aims at creating a consortium internationally by targeting decision makers, luxury brands, designers and the consumers.

Backed by a very diverse Membership, The Luxury League serves as a standard bearer for Indian style and it's values to create greater understanding in different sectors, supported by world class knowledge, information, infrastructure and technology.

The Luxury League offers a forum for forward planning and exchange of the best Indian and global talents. It offers it's members tools for ensuring future business growth. The purpose being to showcase the creativity of it's Members and attract attention to them in the artistic scene globally, through creative interactions and dynamic networking.

The Luxury League stages global events, representing India abroad thus creating close ties between Luxury and Culture. These events illustrate the importance of Global Creation and Innovation. The mission is to support development of design thinking in various sectors like perfumes, homes, fashion, handlooms etc where Creativity and Beauty can enhance the experience and create productivity.

Seeking to ensure business growth for its Members, The Luxury League is a preferred interlocutor for public authorities in India and the rest of the world.

The idea is to also support Indian training programs by working with schools of design and applied arts. In doing so, it helps expose tomorrow's designers to the real concept of luxury. The Luxury League also holds Young Designers Competition (YDC). This competition is instrumental in energising design skills and also to create awareness in schools & colleges about Global Creativity.

The Luxury League

The Conquest

The Luxury League assists the Members to engage in commercial conquests like creating trading posts, establishing branch offices, appointing agents & partners all over the globe. The efforts include providing assistance & support to its Members.

  • Research is undertaken concerning countries that interest it's Members and efforts are taken for strategic reflection, as a tool to help participants get a better understanding of specific markets
  • High-level contacts are initiated with Members and the political authorities of various Countries, targeted by the Board.
  • Group trips are organized for CEOs for discussions pertinent to their Sector.
  • Large-scale cultural events are organized Worldwide to promote the values shared by The Luxury League Members.
  • Conferences, seminars, forums, etc are organised as a networking platform and for reflection on the various Art forms and its uses.
  • The cultural identity of the Indian luxury sector is enhanced through communication globally. The focus is on global networking for fostering Creativity and Innovation. The focus being Quality, Innovation and Beauty. The Luxury League also concentrates on emerging countries, where the value add of collective action is high. It aims to provide support for Members as they set up local operations and communicate the cultural component of the luxury message to new customers.

The Cultural identity of Luxury
The Luxury League represents an Indian Creative industry based on craftsmanship. It is involved in the transmission and the recognition of skill to encourage the emergence of cultural industries globally.

The Luxury League

Organization & Membership

The Luxury League is lead and run by the Founder and Global Chairperson Ritu Beri who is supported by office bearers comprising of global vice-chairs, country chairs representing their various countries, national chairs, chapter chairs of cities both urban and exotic, global chairs for specific segment commissions in the various dimensions of luxury be it fashion, wellness, luxury estates, automobiles, fitness, spirituality, lifestyle etc.

The Luxury League has an Advisory Governing Board (AGB) which is the core think tank of The Luxury League to advise on policy matters, on matters of where The Luxury League should be heading and the directions it will follow. The AGB comprises of eminent personalities from the global world of Luxury.

The Various Commissions be they country specific, segment specific or city specific are empowered to chart out their own agenda and programs but under the overall guidance of the Advisory Governing Board.

This brings in Flexibility, Leadership Qualities and Diversity along with Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Creativity.

The Motto of The Luxury League is to promote Creativity, Innovation, Best Practices, use of Technology in the Luxury segment while preserving the Diversity in our Ancient Heritage & Cultural Arts

Membership to The Luxury League is by invitation only. While existing Members can recommend individuals or corporates to be taken in as Members, it's only the Founder or The Advisory Governing Board that can invite them. The Luxury League by its very philosophy is philanthropic and invites diversity of ideas

Commonly Acknowledged admission criteria are-
  • International stature with plans for innovative development
  • High quality standards
  • Great emphasis on the creative process
  • Image with a poetic component
  • Brand with a strong identity
  • Ethics

The Luxury League

The Initiatives

The Luxury League creates an environment conducive to collective and individual brand development. The Luxury League provides a forum for reflection, anticipation and sharing of ideas & concepts. To achieve this it has developed various Initiatives

  1. Create a pool of talent and contribute to Indian competitiveness.
    The Luxury League has a network, working in different capacities for different members. The objective is to examine topics of common interests and elicit mutually enriching feedback. Meetings are organised for various departments like communication, design, production, marketing, finance, history & culture. The luxury industry is driven by creativity and innovation. It is a major asset for global growth.
    The Luxury League also undertakes research projects with prominent economists to precisely determine the needs of the luxury sector.

  2. Gain recognition for luxury, as an asset for India
    The Luxury League through its Members and Initiatives contributes to India's economic growth as well as promotes the image of India. The Luxury League events are intended to promote Indian style, their format varies according to local market requirements. The Luxury League is a major player on the diplomatic scene and represents India, for her Creativity and her Art de Vivre.
    In other words, The Luxury League serves as an Ambassador of Indian Culture abroad.
  3. The Luxury League Design Fund; The Luxury League DESIGN INCUBATOR
    The Luxury League supports young talent in their early stages through The Luxury League Design Fund, {THE DESIGN INCUBATOR} and also provides them with business opportunities through Strategic Partnerships. It is a business development program designed to support the next generation of young talent. The program provides a creative and professional environment with the mission of helping to grow and sustain the businesses of young talent.

The Luxury League

The Initiatives

The main purpose is to recognize & discover young and iconic talent through a National and International jury & honoring their excellence in the field of design and luxury. The plan also is to generate sufficient income through significant financial awards for new talented designers. Donations go towards tuition and other educational expenses.

Business monitoring is made available for young talent by an established team of industry professionals, in areas such as business planning, marketing, sourcing, production, etc. The purpose is to provide them low-cost design studio space, educational seminars, and networking opportunities.

  1. The Luxury League Manufacturing Initiative
    The Luxury League Manufacturing Initiative is to help revitalize manufacturing in India. The Luxury League provides facilities through it's network and initiatives to introduce the right people to help develop business possibilities & support the manufacturing of luxury brands in India.

  2. The Global Design & Innovation Awards
    The Awards celebrate and reward what's NEW and what's NEXT in luxury from breakthrough design talent to innovation, buying, retail and detail.

    Judged by an elite panel of International & National experts and attracting entries from different countries, these are luxury awards to recognise achievements on a global scale.

  3. The Global Design & Innovation Forum
    The Global Design & Innovation Forum will bring world class creative thinkers and opinion makers to India and lead the momentum of change. It aims to gain expert insight & researched analysis from leading experts.

Corporate Citizenship The Luxury League mobilises its members to support Charitable Causes related to :

  • Environmental issues
  • Women and Education.

The Global

Design & Innovation Awards

In the endeavour to develop future design talent as well as to recognise established designers, The Luxury League hosts The Global Design & Innovation Awards.

The Awards celebrate and reward what's NEW and what's NEXT in luxury from breakthrough design talent to innovation, buying, retail and detail.

Judged by an elite panel of International & National experts and attracting entries from different countries, these will be luxury awards to recognise achievements on a global scale.

Recipients of The Global Design & Innovation Awards include Couturiers, Non-India-based Designers, Journalists, Manufacturers, Celebrities and Style Icons who have had a significant influence on luxury.

The Global Design & Innovation Awards, honor excellence in the field of Luxury Design and innovation.



Music Icon of the Year

Brand of the Year

The Green Conscious Award

Accessory Designer of the Year

Lifetime Achievement Award

Iconic Actor of the Year

Social Impact Award

Outstanding Contribution to Luxury

Fashion Innovator of the Year

Style icon of the Year

Editor of the Year

The Global Excellence Award

Hospitality Award of the Year

The Global

Design & Innovation Forum

Leading the wave for inspired & creative thinking

Maharajas and Nawabs from India were the real connoisseurs of Luxury, with ultimate refined taste. History shows us that they had a penchant for Rolls Royce cars, Louis Vuitton suitcases apart from bespoke jewellery from Cartier. India has been the richest country in the world since the beginning of the First Millennium-for almost 1850 years out of the 2000 years of recorded history. With this richness came an enormous culture of Luxury. From the Indian Royalty, the Kohinoor to the breathtaking embroideries, India has always been an inspiration for the rest of the world.

The vision of The Luxury League is to make India's brand so powerful that India becomes synonymous with high quality, unmatched skill, innovative thinking and world class benchmarks in production and marketing in the world of Luxury.

Speakers : The Speakers are CEOs and Founders of Global Brands like Hermes, Swarovski, L'Oreal, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Armani, Van Cleef & Arpels to name a few. The interaction will be dynamic and motivational creating a future for the Indian Luxury Industry.

The Delegates : The Delegates are senior luxury sector executives, corporate decision - makers and financiers from around the world including chairmen, CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CMOs, Presidents and Managing Directors from the following industry :

• Fashion • Retail • Jewellery • Motor • Yacht Manufacturing • Watches • Private Equity • Investment Banking • Private Banking • Investment / Asset Management • Architecture • Luxury Hotels • Luxury Residential Property • Auctioneering • Arts • Credit Card Companies • Film • Shopping Malls • Advertising / Marketing • Design Consultancies

A marquee event

The Global

Design & Innovation Forum

  1. Create opportunities in India for global luxury brands . Encourage network possibility for global brands with senior executives across the luxury sector from India.
  2. Foster a beneficial ecosystem for perfecting skills amongst traditional and new artisans across India through global learning & interaction.
  3. Create awareness amongst the youth about global creative benchmarks and entrepreneurial attitudes.
  4. Help evolve, a greater sense of appreciation for Global quality, skill, creativity & create opportunities for global brands to work in India.
  5. Thinkers and opinion makers to India and lead the momentum of change. Generate mutually beneficial expert insight & analysis.
  6. Promote multiple, niche, globally recognized brands under the overall "Make in India" initiative to create a mutually beneficial Luxury environment of manufacturing in India.
  7. Promote multiple, niche, emerging talents from all sections of Luxury and create a global movement for favourable economic growth in the industry.

  8. Be a game changer and bring greater recognition to the Luxury Industry by creating synergies with Global Luxury brands and India.
  9. Bring leading brands, from all over the world and inspire them to co-brand with Indian brands for enhancing business growth.
  10. Hear bespoke research & discover the latest luxury industry trends.                

The Global

Design & Innovation forum

The Luxury League is a Foundation
& it's mission is defined by its Members

The Global

Constituting a benchmark at the heart of the Luxury sector.

Sharing the same International ambitions.

Representing an economic force for the future.

Sharing a common vision of the importance of expertise & knowledge.

Highlighting the value of heritage & creative design.

Stimulating creativity & professional ethics.

Supporting an economic sector that conveys strong values.

The Global

Design & Innovation forum

Patrick Thomas Antigone Schilling Van Cleef & Arpels Comite Colbert L Capital Management Jet Airways (India) Limited Ambassador Belmahi Connexconsulting Sylvie Polette Stephane Parmentier Maison Francis Kurkdjian Jean Daniel Lorieux Comite Montaigne Evidens de Beauty Dr Mosaraf Ali Gilles Boutbien Rogers Fashion TV Didier Ludot Serge Carreira St Dupont Nil Nisi Com Paris Creation Le Taillevent Chantal Thomass Roos & Roos Francois Laffanour - Galerie Down Town Olivier Gagnere The Entertainment Design Co. All Ladies League Yue-Sai Kan Patrick Roger Creanog Atelier Renard Hotel Plaza Athenee Paris Asian Hotels (North) Ltd SRC Aviation Pvt Ltd Forest Essentials VLCC Health Care Ltd Pierre Frey Les Noches Ibiza The Spa Group Sanskar Lifestyle Pvt Ltd Conde Nast India Rohit Bal Marie-Christiane Marek Institute of Apparel Management Technopak Genesis Luxury TSG International Mrkt. Pvt Ltd Farah Khan Fine Jewellery Fratelli Wines Ferns N Petals Kanjimull and Sons Raja Randhir Singh Rina Dhaka Sumant Jayakrishnan Marc Robinson Hyatt Regency (New Delhi) Select Cars Pvt. Ltd. Vallonne Wines BETC Luxe Kama Ayurveda On Aura Tout Vu Fortis Memorial Research Institute A Reverie His Highness Maharaja Gajsingh II of Jodhpur - Marwar Rolls-Royce Motor Cars New Delhi Casa Paradox Mobile Media Summit Haresh C. Shah Grover Zampa Vineyards Reed Expositions France Four Seasons Hotels & Resort, Goa Fern Mallis Sunil Alagh Sanjiv Goenka Pierre Lurton Anuradha Mahindra

Our aim is to be a rallying point for those who believe, that strengthening commercial ties amongst nations is not only good for business but good for global living-standards and good for peace.

Ritu Beri

The Luxury League

22A, Ashoka Avenue,
Sainik Farms,
New Delhi - 110080

T +91 11 29552856 / 2857 /
+91 11 29552858 / 1751

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