The Luxury League Is

  • A Global Foundation established to promote the concept of luxury and to create an environment conducive to creative thinking.
  • A Not-For-Profit Foundation of prominent Luxury brands, world wide. 
  • A body that aims at strengthening the influence of India in the Global Luxury industry.
  • A dynamic group relying on dialogue and exchange, solidarity and mutual assistance, developing a winning attitude to conquer new spheres of influence, exposure and markets.
  • A League that epitomises the spirit of global creativity, perpetuates traditional artisanal skills and subtly sustains the element of fantasy that Indian luxury has always inspired.
"My desire is to open the Indian doors to luxury brands from various countries and to strengthen the voice of India abroad – the idea is to create an increased pool of knowledge and competence. It is an alliance of tradition and modernity, expertise and creativity, history and innovation. Indian luxury is the envy of the world ; it owes its success to an admirable pool of talent. This talent is our treasure that we need to nurture & protect". Founder Ritu Beri