About Ritu Beri

Ritu Beri's name is synonymous with the explosive globalization of India’s fashion industry. A pioneer in her field, Ritu was anointed India's Fashion Queen, two decades ago, when the prima donna stormed the catwalks of Paris with her label, one that fused Indian aesthetics with global fashion trends, just as India began opening its borders to international trade.

Empowered being the protégé of the French embroidery maestro, Francois Lesage, she value- added to that prowess she acquired, with her personal propriety and patent of intellectual and creative capital that she bought to the board- room.

It culminated in Time magazine declaring her “The First lady of fashion in her country", Beri being the First Asian to head a French fashion house, Jean Louis Scherrer; and adding to her string of “firsts”, BBC credited her business skills with a resounding headline: "Indian fashion takes a hold in the form of Ritu Beri."

When you attire and define sartorial trends for the likes of Bill Clinton, Nicole Kidman, Prince Charles and Ivana Trump, you've inadvertently entered the International Privy League of Power dressers.

Her creations were objectively evaluated by fashion connoisseurs across the world. Rating, qualifying and quantifying her acumen, Lesage lauded her in his generous accreditation: "Ritu's contemporary expression has given to an Indian tradition of clothes, a mood of the Yves Saint Laurent collection of the eighties." Retro as well as eclectic, signified her versatility as a marquee designer, futuristic and who had leap- frogged ahead of her localized peers.

To acknowledge her path breaking contribution to fashion and design, she was awarded the prestigious French honour, Chevaliere des art et des Lettres, one of the rarest of rare halo's.

Her visage is amongst the most recognizable faces of India in her sphere, being listed amongst the 50 most important people of the country, and counted amongst the galaxy of the Top 15 Women of India. A nominee for the Economic Times Business Woman of the year Award in India, she is noted to be amongst the 20 Best Dressed Celebrity Icons of the country, being voted “Delhi’s Most Stylish’ in a nationwide poll conducted by Hindustan Times. Tag Heuer endorsed her as their ‘Link Lady of India’.

The ex- Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh and Father of Indian liberalization in the 80's, virtually acknowledged her as the progeny of that era, recognizing her as a paradigm of change: “Ritu Beri represents a truly resurgent India". It in a way exalted her to the Hall of Fame of a re- imaged India, of a nation that was proud of showcasing its calibre to the global business community, conferring on her as one that could be compared against finest international bench marks of excellence.

Sobriety and being static are alien to Ritu Beri as she creates the tectonic shifts in revolutionizing India’s interface with global fashion.