About Malavika Sangghvi

Malavika Sangghvi is one of India’s most respected journalists. With over three decades of experience she has pioneered many trends and genres in the field of lifestyle, luxury and celebrity journalism. The New York Times once described her as ‘achronicler of social mores’. She was editor of the Bombay Times at its start and was also part of India Today’s Bombay Magazine Mid-day Newspaper and the DNA newspaper. She has also edited the Sunday Review and has written extensively for the The New York Times, Harpers and Queen, Conde Nast Traveler (UK), and The Sunday Times (UK).

She has held prestigious positions such as Consulting Editor at The Business Standard, India Editor at Harpers and Queen, and India correspondent of CNN.com. She has also done television and radio shows for The Star TV and The BBC. She was appointed as Head of India Bureau at the Edipresse Group, Switzerland.

Malavika has a degree in English Literature and Sociology, has authored several acclaimed books and is the Co-founder of SANGUINE which focuses on creating original digital and media content.